Smokin’ Guns

Author: GCadmn

Some members within the Gold Camp Victorian Society wished to draw on the rich history of the Victorian Era in period dress, while carrying firearms. Firearms played a vital part in taming the “Wild West” for a more genteel and civilized society. We wanted to include gun history in our education and ambience to the public. We saw weaponry as an important aspect in the dress of the day. Believing this part of history needed to be told, the “Smokin’ Guns” club was formed. It quickly became one of our most popular aspects of the Gold Camp Victorian Society.

Smokin’ Guns club is made up of members (both men and women) of the Gold Camp Victorian Society who wish to celebrate the life and times of the gold camp district from 1860-1910.  The members of Smokin’ Guns represent, through reenactments and costuming, what it would have been like to live in the Victorian era in Cripple Creek when firearms were commonplace.

Smokin’ Guns members have passed Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) background checks. Safety is viewed by our club as first and foremost whenever we carry firearms. The club Chairman conducts safety meetings before all shooting events. Qualified members use their own authentic replicas. Arms used by the Smokin’ Guns Club are correct for the period being portrayed (1890-1910).  They are either original guns, replicas, or faithful likenesses (such as the Ruger Vaquero) in 44 or 45 Long Colt calibers.

We carry unloaded guns while attending non-shooting activities. We use blank cartridges when performing shooting events such as parades, skits from the past and “quick draw” contests.

Smokin’ Guns members, along with other Society members, enjoy quarterly “fun days.” These are usually held at club members’ homes and harken back to a time when neighbors got together for a potluck meal, socialized and played games. We meet to eat, visit and shoot blanks. This gives us time to practice gun handling and safety in preparation for ‘quick draw” contests, shootouts, historical reenactments and parades.

Seeing good friends, the smell of good food, all mixed with gunpowder – What could be better!

For more information contact Chairman Steve Zoellner : 689- 3984

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